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S&S Records, Inc. (and S&S Chicago, Inc.) was established in 2005 by 4-time GRAMMY® nominated producer Steve “Silk” Hurley and global DJ/Producer Shannon “DJ Skip” Syas. Merging Hurley’s worldwide commercial success and Syas’ strong global following, the dance label has become home to numerous house music legends. The label has released several compilation albums featuring original songs from a large roster of Chicago greats, including the recently released “The Chicago LP”, featuring an all-Chicago, all-Star cast of house music pioneers and Hip Hop stars. S&S records has accumulated a catalog of over 500 records and album projects from artists such as: Syleena Johnson, CeCe Peniston, Ann Nesby, DJ Skip, Paul Johnson, Kym Sims, Chantay Savage, J.M Silk, Jamie Principle & Steve “Silk” Hurley, just to name a few. S&S has also been responsible for major house music events in Chicago that have averaged an attendance of over 4,000 people.


The Chicago LP, Volume 1 of 4The Chicago LP, Volume 2 of 4The Chicago LP, Volume 3 of 4The Chicago LP, Volume 4 of 4

S&S Records is proud to announce the release of the industry acclaimed “Chicago Dance Album Of Our Time.” The Chicago LP fuses the past, present and future of a genre that has shaped the global foundation of electronic dance music (EDM). For the first time ever, the modern pioneers of house music join forces with the next generation of GRAMMY® award winners and international hit-makers to produce a sensational collection of music spread out through 4 digital packages. The Chicago LP features new and never before heard extended house records showcasing the talents of: Steve Silk Hurley • B Lauren • Bad Boy Bill • Jamie Principle • Syleena Johnson • Terry Dexter • Xaviera Gold • DJ Pierre • Mike Dunn • Malik Yusef Feat. Kanye West, Common & JV • Paul Johnson • DANNiE Scott • Javante • Marshall Jefferson • Terry Hunter • Amanda Shane • DJ Skip • Roy Davis Jr. • Ron Carroll • Mr. K-Alexi • Ricky Bradshaw • Shawn Christopher • Eric “E Smoove” Miller • LaTanza • Gene Hunt • Maurice Joshua • Jean Davis • Jesse Saunders • CZR • Delano • Kelly G • Jasmin Ray • Joe Smooth • Stacy Kidd • Joi Williams • Fast Eddie • DJ Slugo • DJ Rhythm • Hyper Harp • Ava Cherry • Lego • George Jackson • Sharon Pass • and more. Executive Produced By Shannon “DJ Skip” Syas & Steve “Silk” Hurley.


Jack Your Body (S&S Remixes)“Jack Your Body” was Steve “Silk” Hurley’s first song released under his name as the artist. It became one of the landmark records in the history of House music. Written and produced by Hurley, Jack Your Body became a major hit on the UK singles chart, reaching #1 for two weeks in January and February 1987. This was the UK’s first house music #1, showing it was possible for house music to cross over. It paved the way for the acid house sound popular there during the late 1980s. Now, with the new remixes of “Jack Your Body” 25 years later, Steve “Silk” Hurley collaborates with today’s hottest new DJ / Remixers in the Electronic world to reinvent the sound that made Chicago and House Music famous. Remixers include Olav Basoski, Chris Kaeser & StoneBridge, Junior Sanchez, Superfunk, Paul Anthony, Strobe & Gus Calderone, Nick Ahrén, KitSch 2.0, Chris Kurbanali, Jez Pereira & Elijah Collins, Mauritzio, and Stretch Silvester.



The Word Is Love (S+S Remixes) (Vol. A)Originally released on Steve “Silk” Hurley’s label, Silk Entertainment Records in late 1997, “The Word Is Love” featured vocals by Sharon Pass, who was a demo singer for Silk’s ID Records. She finally got to shine on this now-classic record, and Silk’s signature chant vocals (Oohm-Dah) also provided a memorable moment as well. Along the way, “The Word Is Love” topped many charts all over the world. It reached # 26 on the UK Top 75 in March 1998, #15 on the Italian Singles Chart, and was Nominated for a GRAMMY® in 1999 as part of Silk’s Body of remix work for 1998. The composition was written by Hurley himself along with M-Doc, Silk’s co-writer on CeCe Peniston’s hits “Keep On Walkin’” & “I’m Not Over You”, and Kym Sims’ “Take My Advice”. S&S Records has now taken the lead and running with 5 additional packages of 2013 remixes in several genres (House, Electro, Deep House, Progressive, Dubstep, Progressive & Trap just to name a few)
“5 Packages?” you may say…but so many remixers wanted to get their hands on the parts, so who are we to deny them? Have your pick, there are many great remixes between all of the packages!

The Word Is Love (S+S Remixes) (Vol. B)The Word Is Love (S+S Remixes) (Vol. C)The Word Is Love (S+S Remixes) (Vol. D)

The Word Is Love (S+S Remixes) (Vol. E)









Baby Wants To Ride (S&S Remixes) Volume 1 of 2As House Music’s FIRST ARTIST, Jamie Principle is truly an “Unsung” hero of Chicago House Music. Jamie’s “Bedroom Demos” such as the classic “Your Love” were created in 1982, and by 1983, they were floating around the city on reel to reel and low-quality “cassette dubs,” passed on from DJ to DJ. By 1983, the legendary Frankie Knuckles had introduced Jamie to the underground by playing his songs in the “Powerplant” club in Chicago, creating a groundswell that grew from underground to the mainstream club scene and Radio Mixshows. While many DJ’s were doing “Re-Edits” and “Re-Makes” of Classic Disco music, Jamie was creating Original Song Demos that helped change the culture of Chicago DJs. Jamie went on to become a huge figure in Chicago House Music, inspiring the likes of Jesse Saunders, Farley “Jackmaster” Funk & Steve “Silk” Hurley (JM Silk) to create their own Original Song Demos. These “demos” all became records, and HOUSE MUSIC was born to the world!

The OrigiBaby Wants To Ride (S&S Remixes) Volume 2 of 2nal 1984 Demo of “Baby Wants To Ride” was produced by Jamie and Steve “Silk” Hurley, and recaptures all of the elements of Jamie’s “Bedroom Mix,” without the hiss of the Cassettes that were in such high demand in 1984. S&S Records is proud to present a stellar package of remixes from today’s brightest stars in the dance world, such as: Alfred Azzetto, Jez Pereira, Paul Hawkins, Mauritzio, Rubb Sound System, Broadway & Wilson.





I Like The Way U PlayHouse Music and Remix Pioneer Steve “Silk” Hurley has remixed, produced and / or written over 200 records, with at least 50 of them reaching the Billboard® Dance Charts, and dozens reaching R&B and Pop Charts. He has countless Platinum, Gold, and Silver records, and his Productions have sold so far in the millions that it is difficult to calculate how many. Through the 90’s until today, Silk’s production and remixing services have been utilized on everyone from Michael Jackson, Prince, J-Lo, Madonna, Janet Jackson, R. Kelly, Mary J Blige, to Paula Abdul, Lionel Richie, and even Liza Minnelli. Silk is now a 4-Time GRAMMY® Nominated producer as well.

Steve “Silk” Hurley does it again with this melodic infectious groove and lends his vocals to bring you nothing less than what you would expect from the man himself. This package features all star remixes from the likes of Bravo, Stanny Abram, Rubb Sound System, Matteo Candura, Paul Hawkins, Nico Heinz, Max Kuhn & Fabio De Magistris.



Peace PipeThere’s plenty of strong, soulful female vocalists in the contemporary music world who never get the full acclaim and accolades they’re due, and Chicago native Syleena Johnson is definitely one of them. By fusing the disco classic “Peace Pipe” with her own blend of soulful R&B, Singer/Songwriter Syleena Johnson has helped create this unique dance masterpiece, produced by 4 time GRAMMY® nominee Steve “Silk” Hurley and world renowned Shannon “DJ Skip” Syas. This package includes remixes by: Silk & Skip, Shane D, Andrew Emil, Audiophonix, Jez & Madoc, Nick Ahren, Paul Anthony & Atom Pushers.




South AfricaSince 1999 Kelly G has taken BET’s music and programming to levels that have set trends which ultimately jump started and influenced the careers of many multi-platinum artist like Kanye West, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Drake, Trey Songs and countless others. Now Kelly steps out of the office and into the studio to bring you his new smash dance single on S&S Records “South Africa” featuring the songstress Jasmin Ray. Remixed by Joe Smooth, Shane D & Audiophonix .




Don't Go Feat. Shalamar

We are excited to present to you “Don’t Go”, the new DJ Skip featuring Shalamar Single. One of the most successful groups of the 80’s, the GRAMMY® winning Disco super group Shalamar brings their legendary vocals to this new upbeat DJ Skip tune. “Don’t Go” features massive remixed versions by Nick Ahrén, AKF, Shane D, KitSch 2.0, Chris Kurbanali, Paul Anthony & ZXX & Jez Pereira, Madoc, Arex.





Wouldn't You Like To Ride (S&S Remixes) (Vol. B) Wouldn't You Like To Ride (S&S Remixes) (Vol. A)Shannon “DJ Skip” Syas & Steve “Silk” Hurley (S&S), Nick Ahrén, KitSch 2.0, Stephane B, Ricky Bradshaw, Mr. K-Alexi Shelby, F.R.E.A.K -N- DJ Lee Farmer, Fast Eddie, DJ Gant-Man, Drone One, Nick Ahrén, Jez Pereira, The 40oz Profits, The Funk Monkeys & Sebatiaan Van Beest have skillfully remixed the flavorful “WOULDN’T YOU LIKE TO RIDE” track by MALIK YUSEF, which features an ALL-STAR supporting cast of COMMON, KANYE WEST AND J.V. these remixes will be heard in heavy rotation across the globe. We covered all genres on this package for the pure DJs & Dance music Enthusiasts.



S&S Records #BeatportDecade House

S&S presents this exclusive #BeatportDecade House project featuring Steve “Silk” Hurley, DJ Skip, Shalamar, Sharon Pass, Jameisha Trice, Alfred Azzetto, Doorly, Jamie Principle, Shane D, Greg Gibbs, Syleena Johnson, Nick Ahren, Rubb Sound System, SNDSTRMS, Malik Yusef Feat. Kanye West, Common & JV





downloadS&S Records is excited to announce the release of Rock Yo Body, Fast Eddie featuring Joe Smooth and Max-A-Million. Fast Eddie does it again with yet another banging track that promises to make even the most timid person get up and rock their body. On this single, Fast Eddie collaborates with Joe Smooth and Max-A-Million, who bring their eclectic island EDM sound to Eddie’s classically smooth Hip House lyrics. Rock Yo Body is an instant dance anthem soon to be heard worldwide. S&S Records & Blackhole Recordings sought out some of the world’s hottest new DJ/remix artists in the Electronic Dance Music genre in order to bring this massive array of remixes for Rock Yo Body. The different renditions of this single have been expertly remixed by Steve “Silk” Hurley, Joe Smooth, Fast Eddie, Biggi, Paul Veth, Sound Avtar & Jack Mode Squad.



Get To Steppin S&S Records is excited to announce the release of Get To Steppin, Fast Eddie featuring Cece Peniston. This is yet another banging S&S track that promises to make even the most timid person get up and Sing. Get To Steppin is an instant dance anthem soon to be heard worldwide with incredible remixes by Shane D, Superfunk, Chris Sammarco, Fast Eddie & Audiophonix, Paul Anthony & ZXX





Body 2 Body

This electronic house group needs no introduction to the dance world selling millions of records and gracing multiple stages across the globe. “Superfunk” made a name gradually remixing artists such as Bob Sinclar , Felix Da Housecat , Gus Gus, DJ Skip, Steve “Silk” Hurley & Neneh Cherry just to name a few. The multi platinum smash hit “Lucky Star” Featuring Chicago’s very own Ron Carroll was the catapult single that drove the group straight to the number one spot on the charts in France, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium.
Superfunk is back with another smash featuring the rich vocals of global songstress Jameisha Trice. This record takes you on a classic disco house trip with global remixes by Eddie Valdez (Brazil), Rubb Sound System (Chicago), Bravo (Chicago), Stanny Abram (Slovenia), Eric Levan (Florida), Mauritzio (Italy) Nico Heinz, Max Kuhn & Fabio De Magistris (Italy).



Let The Music PlayS&S Records Inc. is proud to present to you this new project by Joe Smooth. Joe is an active musician and producer, having worked in various capacities as a remixer, producer, engineer, and writer. Notable artists who have worked with him include Bros, Whitney Houston, Donnell Jones, Destiny’s Child, Sisqó, Frankie Knuckles, Marshall Jefferson, A Guy Called Gerald, Lil Louis, D’Bora, Tyree Cooper, Fingers Inc., the Art Of Noise, Sterling Void, Pet Shop Boys, Janet Jackson, the Style Council, New Order, Steve Hurley & DJ Skip just to name a few. This smash dance single featuring Swaylo bring you remixes by Shane D, Ron Carroll (R.O.N.N), Superfunk & Chris Sammarco.




We Should Be Dancing (S&S Remixes)

With an incredible range of at least four octaves, Leon has been compared to Michael Jackson with a Mariah Carey range. A singer/songwriter, Leon is also no stranger when it comes to performing in front of large audiences. Kanye West once heard him sing and asked him to open for him at his next performance. Leon Monroe is gearing up to release his first single on S&S Records We Should Be Dancing, featuring global remixers such as Eddie Valdez (Brazil), Stanny Abram (Slovenia), Rubb Sound System (Chicago), Eric Levan (Florida), Mauritizo (Italy), Nico Heinz, Max Kuhn & Fabio De Magistris (Italy)




I Believe

S&S brings you “I BELIEVE,” another banging jacking track by Fast Eddie Feat. Robbie Rivera and remixes by some of the most sought after global producers. Andrew Emil, Nick Ahren, Jez Pereira & Madoc delivers unique dance floor remix grooves to this energetic vibe.






_We Wan't Drinks (S&S Remixes)Barbados and the world will never be the same King Bubba & Lil’ Rick brings you this high energy club anthem which has been a favorite in Barbados and its surrounding islands. Anytime a DJ drops this number, there is usually head bumping, fist pumping, waist shaking and the sudden urge to get a drink or two or three. – This dance floor smash has been remixed by the global S&S superstar team Paul Anthony & Atom Pushers and Barbados new star Nick Ahren. WE WANT DRINKS!




Believe N SexCombining the best of house music and hip hop, Fast Eddie’s “Believe N Sex” is a versatile track that compels listeners onto the dance floor while simultaneously enticing them into the bedroom. “Believe N Sex” is edgy with a retro flavor that stays true to the hip-house style that Fast Eddie helped pioneer in the 1980’s. This track will appeal to a wide audience of dance music enthusiasts who will appreciate the song’s dance floor friendly beats and hip hop fans who will embrace Fast Eddie’s solid skills on the mic. “Believe N Sex” is blunt and makes no excuses for its in-your-face lyrics but it is first and foremost a dance song with undeniable house music roots that keep the party going. This package includes remixes by Redroche , Noferini Marini, Shane D , Belina & Fast Eddie.



Shot & Reload (S&S Remixes)We are proud to present to you another Soca Island Barbados smash Shot & Reload (S&S Remixes) by King Bubba & Lil Rick. S&S has enlisted one of the most sought after Singers Jameisha Trice who brings a rich vocal to this island smash. International producer / remixer Nick Ahren also gives this hit a global EDM twist.






The Glow Of Love Vol. 2

The Glow Of Love Vol.1

S&S Records brings you another chart topper. Silk reworks one of his personal favorites and puts the vocals in the hands of newcomer Greg Gibbs. The son of a baritone singer who got his start in church, is now an accomplished singer, pianist, drummer, and master of all brass instruments. He’s finally getting his chance to shine (or should we say Glow!) Silk’s lush production is true to the original Change version, but takes the song into the 21st Century with the quality production and DJ-friendly arrangement that has become a Hurley trademark. Featured background vocalists are Chance & Sharon Pass. This package includes timeless remixes by Unique2rhythm, Rubb Sound System, Mauritzio, Eddie Valdez, Nico Heinz, Max Kuhn, Fabio De Magistris, Eddie Cuesta, Junior Gamara, Howard Lambert, Boogie Filtered & Bravo.



Meet Me On The FloorEddie Cuesta – DJ, producer, remixer and rising star – has teamed up with the billboard chart topping songstress Tina Cox to bring you this dance floor smash “Meet Me On The Floor” with remixes by Rubb Sound System, Bravo, Eddie Valdez, Matteo Candura, Nico Heinz, Max Kuhn & Fabio De Magistris. Born in New York City from Dominican parents and having lived in places like Italy, England, and Ibiza, he was influenced by genres that span the globe such as hip-hop, house, Latin, reggae, freestyle and reggeaton. He credits Steve Silk Hurley, David Morales, Danny Tenaglia, Erick Morrillo Armand Van Heldan and more for drawing him to House music.




My Life Will ShineWilly Sanjuan, A&R for +Mas Label records (the most influential electronic music label in Latin America under the umbrella of EMPO  – Electronic Meeting Point), has joined forces with S&S Records. Willy is also a global deejay, producer and remixer from the city of Barcelona. With nearly 20 years of professional experience, he has represented Spain in over 33 countries and now bringing you this house anthem featuring smooth vocals from Dennis Baker. This package includes remixes by Freddy Gonzalez, Rubb Sound System, Eddie Cuesta & Howard Lambert, Nico Heinz, Max Kuhn & Fabio De Magistris along with the instrumentals




Blame It On LoveNick Ahren is a DJ / Producer / Remixer from Bridgetown, Barbados is at the top of his game and known for remixing smash hit records on S&S featuring Malik Yusef, Kanye West, Common, JV, Syleena Johnson, Cece Peniston, Robbie Rivera, DJ Skip & Steve Silk Hurley. S&S Brings you Nicks debut single featuring multi-talented songstress Jameisha Trice. Jameisha has graced many stages with acts such as Usher, Kanye West, and Robin Thicke, and has written songs for Pop stars 3LW( Cheeta Girls), JoJo, and a countless list of others. This exciting Nick Ahren project “Blame It On Love” brings together the best of both worlds and features superstar remixes by Bravo, Rubb Sound System, Mauritzio, Stanny Abram, Eddie Cuesta, Howard Lambert & Junior Gamarra, Paul Hawkins & Steve Bernard.



Hold On LoveS&S records is proud to present Clothed Music from Asia with “Hold On Love”, another classic masterpiece from the S&S team. This project features remixes by Rubb Sound System, Unique2Rhythm, Paul Hawkins, Nico Heinz, Max Kuhn & Fabio De Magistris, Eddie Cuesta, and Howard Lambert.






A Piece Of MeMirelle Noverón is one of the most prominent and recognized DJ / Producer / Remixers in Mexico. This project will take you on a Jackin House music journey. The package features remixes by global music producers such as Stanny Abram (Slovenia), Dany Cohiba (Spain) & Paul Anthony (Chicago / Denver)






Show Me U Love Me - SingleDJ Skip’s single, “Show Me U Love Me” feat. Donnie Cash, debuted to an overwhelming public response.  The music video has received upwards of  16 million views on YouTube and the song was featured on several prominent dance music compilations (Kontors House Of House Vol.13, Kontors Top Of The Clubs Vol.53), generating several hundred thousand downloads.  This single is a new avenue for Skip, making a transition from the Chicago house music sound for which Skip is known, to the world of pop dance.  The catchy and dance-invoking club beat tells its own version of boy meets girl, set against the backdrop of the Chicago skyline.  This package features massive remixes by some of the most sought after producers in the electronic genre such as Eric Chase & Marcel Jerome, Steve “Silk” Hurley, Maurice Joshua, Shane D, Superfunk, Joe Smooth, David “Storm” Ruffin, Nimiouz & Chris P.



Amazing SupermanIf you love house music you’re going to love this album. SNDSTRMS is the music production team of Sadahiro Nakano, Takeshi Tsukamoto aka DJ Tack and Babatunde Williams. This group has created a permanent place in house music history with their classic sound featuring the global songstress Jameisha Trice. Jameisha delivers one of her most alluring performances to date. This record features remixes by some of the most sought after global producers such as Paul Anthony (Denver / Chicago), Stanny Abram (Slovenia), Rubb Sound System (Chicago), Matteo Candura (Italy), Nico Heinz,Max Kuhn & Fabio De Magistris (Italy).



Off The GroundDany Cohiba, has 21 years working as a DJ / producer, worked in his country Spain and internationally in many clubs, produced more than 150 tracks for albums and compilations not to mention the countless remixes. Dany brings you this underground banger “Off The Ground” Gaining support from djs and producers like: Umek, Bob Sinclar, Erick Morillo, , Stanny Abrahm, Steve “Silk” Hurley, Stonebridge, Erick Morillo, Tocadisco, Roger Sanchez, Peter Brown , Antoine Clamaran, ATFC, and many others!




Ain't That A Beach Vol.1S&S Records has gone above and far beyond any normal spectrum of dance compilations with their newest release, “Ain’t That A Beach”. This album takes you on a journey, bringing you up with an energetic vibe and taking you down to the depths of one’s soul, with the classic Chicago House rhythm that promises to make you get up and move. Blending the styles of superstar DJ’s and producers, as well as taking us back to the Old School with those whom we all know and love. These tracks are fresh renditions of classics such as “Jack Your Body”, “The Word is Love”, “Hustle Of Life”, and “The Glow Of Love.” In classic S&S style, this compiles not only the tracks well known for helping build this massive genre of dance music but also incorporates new remix singles that will inevitably become anthems heard around the world. This compilation features massive production / remixes by: Steve “Silk” Hurley, DJ Skip, Superfunk, DJ Rhythm, Doorly, Mousse T, Jamie Principle, Alfred Azzetto, Nico Heinz, Max Kuhn, Fabio De Magistris, Olav Basoski, Roy Davis Jr., Maurice Joshua, Shane D, Malik Yusef Feat. Kanye West, Common & JV, SNDSTRMS, Ricky Bradshaw, Bravo, Jameisha Trice, Greg Gibbs, Sharon Pass, Syleena Johnson, B. Lauren, Cece Peniston, Eddie Valdez, Eddie Cuesta, Tina Cox, The Groove Allstarz, Ginger Hernandez, Vincenzo, Paul Hawkins, Steve Bernard, Shawn Christopher, Frankie Feliciano, John Larner, Joe Smooth, Shalamar, Swaylo, Auharee, Jean Davis, Terry Dexter, Willy Sanjuan, Dennis Baker, Mr. K-Alexi, DJ Shark, FOTR (UMEK), Chuck Daniels, Jason Hodges, Mickcal, Rubb Sound System, Freddy Gonzalez, Nick Ahren, Clothed Music, Unique2Rhythm, Chris Kurbanali & Paul Hawkins.



S&S is proud to present their collaboration with Aura Recordings:

Ill Be There

All I Need Is You2Gether Beat ToolsFriday NightReminisceGet Ready RemixesLoving You







Jazz Chronicles














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