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Vinnie Ferra is a bit of an enigma.”

Los Angeles singer-songwriter Vinnie Ferra creates haunting, minimalist folk music that remains rooted in the past but also keeps its vision steadfastly ahead. Traditionalism and experimentation share equal space on his new album arc en ciel From the hushed tones of “Dreamer”, to the explosive, two-part “Ghost Town” suite, to the wistful title track, to the gorgeous ten-minute epic “House on the Hill”, the arc of this album is a tremendous strength.

“In listening to the album, most will hear stories of painful love from all different perspectives.  I always made music as a personal outlet not a public form of art, so I would pour all my bottled up emotions into the music. The album has a beginning, middle and end. The beginning shows innocence with ‘Dreamer’, Christmas morning with your family. The darkness of leaving that behind as you get older. Then you grow up, lose a friend, a romantic relationship falls apart. Then you get to that point in life where you are confronted by the loss of a parent and we end with a dark reflection on all of it with ‘House On The Hill’. I think that’s what made finishing this album so difficult. I had to let go of the stories and their pain in order to fully finish it.”        –PopMatters

Album jpeg WebOn first glance, Vinnie maintains the guise of a typical indie-rocker.  But give him an instrument, and you’ll see the gritty veneer melt away.  Known for being an indie-folk artist, Vinnie is more composer than singer-songwriter. He writes the lyrics, composes the arrangements, and orchestrates the musicians, resulting in harrowing, yet approachable songs.

Defying expectations, Vinnie possesses  a unique, expressive baritone that lifts and sails on the rich landscape that is built upon the kind of foot-stomping, cathartic anthems that have turned artists like Of Monsters & Men into indie superstars.  In his music you can expect to find folk and blues influences, where he also calls upon the indie/alternative/songwriter vibe and the best aspects of dirty, barn-burning stomp rock, all complemented by his innate ability to draw the listener in with captivating lyrics, rich harmonies, and soul-stirring crescendos.  Ferra wields a nuanced and emotional voice with deft precision (especially his falsetto), taking his music to soaring heights and simmering lows.

In addition to writing, composing, & performing his own gorgeous songs, Vinnie is the trusted musical director for some of the biggest rising indie/electronic artists in the biz, including HalseyBetty WhoPhoebe RyanTei Shi, and Lido.

Half Stop Sessions – “God Forbid” (Live)
“Dreamer” (official)
“God Forbid” (official)
“Destroying Me” (Live)
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