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Toronto-based multi-instrumentalist artist/producer Patrick Fiore aka Noble Oak has been flying under the radar these past few years pumping out beautifully emotive songscapes described as ‘endless drift’ or ‘space pop’.  His music evokes imagery of being lost in beautiful new worlds, yet often with undercurrents of yearning and solitude.

“Dripping with eerie isolation, “Walk On Me” continues to demonstrate Noble Oak’s hand at crafting hypnotic synth-laced melodies, matched only by his cooing falsetto and wistful lyrics that take you into his dreamy world.”  –  indie shuffle

“Walk On Me is a tantalising mix of wandering synths and haunting, distant vocals built around a hypnotising bed of glittering melodies. Layering up production to perfectly build an enchanting and otherworldly soundscape.”  –  lovepie

This Wave” is a bolt from the blue of dream-pop majesty. Reminiscent of synthwave pioneers like Com Truise and EDM maximalists like Porter Robinson.”  –  The Wild Honey Pie

I’m Lost, at heart, is a downbeat, sombre work, a sense of isolation served up in one recording. But being ‘lost’ can also be a blessing in disguise, a chance to step out of the comfort zone and explore otherwise unseen beauty. That’s most definitely what the Canadian producer achieves here, pushing boundaries and seeing the world for the first time in the process.”  –  DIY mag

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