Singer/songwriter LaRaisha’s impassioned, powerhouse, vocals flow effortlessly over producer/songwriter Charley Hustle’s stylistic arrangements on the their special collaboration, ‘Drums and Sass’, the latest EP in The Hustle Standard series. Comparable to queen of soul, Aretha Franklin, or modern hit-maker, Adele, LaRaisha’s voice combines strength with vulnerability, packaged in a unique style that envelops the listener in a mist of empathy.  What she sings, you undoubtedly feel.

Covering a spectrum of material and themes, LaRaisha & the Hustle Standard showcase an impressive energy and creative prowess, as evidenced on the the piano-driven melody, beer-bottle rhythmics, and smoky vocals of “Tainted Hearts”. From the inspirational and uplifting “Tell Me Where It Hurts” to the aggressive “Rage On Me”, the blend of LaRaisha’s ferocious, beautiful vibrato and Hustle’s epic production skills yield a very special finished product. Drums and Sass is “5 songs made for the purpose of creating good music with good people.  Listen, watch, be happy, be sassy.”

Charley Hustle
Charley Hustle is a New York City-based producer and songwriter. He has written with many established and up-and-coming songwriters such as Andrea Martin, Syience, Frankie Storm, Alex Da Kid, Cannon, Dvlp, Fraser Smith, and Jake Hill.

Always up for new challenges and the chance to grow, Hustle has made a name for himself writing and producing songs for a wide-range of artists, with an emphasis on developing projects that explore different styles of music – from rock, pop, electro, indie-pop, to folk, RnB, and other genres.  He is currently collaborating with a dynamic range of rock and pop artists to develop a series of original “Hustle Standard” EPs.

LaRaisha Burnette
As the daughter of 80’s R&B/Dance sensation, O’Bryan, and sister of Warner Brothers recording artist, Brandyn Burnette, it’s no surprise that LaRaisha has music coursing through her veins. Growing up in a musical family provided her with an advantage and familiarity with songwriting and navigating a music career. Taking her craft to the next level, LaRaisha studied Music and Drama at the prestigious New York University, also participating in NYU’s N’Harmonics A Capella group.

Professionally, LaRaisha secured a role in the 2008 National tour of Nickelodeon’s “The Backyardigans Live”, spending 9 months on the road with the troop. After the tour and back in NYC, she began a relationship with Izzy Gold Records as an artist for hire, freelancing songs for the company and independent artists. The Drums and Sass EP is LaRaisha’s first solo release effort in her lifetime of musical accomplishment.

The Hustle Standard
The idea behind the Hustle Standard is to take an artist out of their usual environment and give them the freedom to do something they’ve always wanted to do, or never knew they could do.

This will be done in a very short amount of time and in the form of an EP.  In this format there is less pressure to create a prolific amount of songs, more time to focus on the good ideas, and the public can have access to new material more rapidly.  This style of “album” making is also conducive to spontaneity and creativity freeing up all those involved in the process to try new things.

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