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Big things continue to happen for Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard in 2015, with the inclusion of “BEAST” as the OPENING TITLE song in the feature film SOUTHPAW, starring Jake Gyllenhaal & Rachel McAdams. The song was also remixed by DJ Khalil from the Eminem / Shady Records camp to feature 3 rap heavyweights Busta Rhymes, KXNG Crooked, and Tech N9ne, for inclusion on the Southpaw soundtrack album executive produced by Eminem. “Over the rock and roll fueled track from Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard, three of the most intricate emcees in the game deliver three of the hottest verses you’re likely to hear this year. If a rhyme clinic is what you want, than listen no further than this track.”  –Strange Music Inc. <more>




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Originating in Brooklyn, NY, PROM is the dream-pop collaboration of Ella Zoller and Gabriel Stanley, who aim to create a new musical universe in every song. Mixing anthemic pop melodies with dueling vocals, reverberated synths and intricate percussion, each song designs a unique, sweeping soundscape that is euphorically intoxicating.
The synth-pop duo was the first band launched on Ghost Beach’s label, Crazy Heart Records.  <more>








“Priest dips their feet into the lo-fi ‘80s pool but mixes in glimmers of early-aughts electropop. It’s an iridescent sound that, to put it simply, is satisfyingly refreshing synth-pop. If Sofia Coppola is looking for a new artist to soundtrack her next film, Priest is it.”
-Nylon Mag

Just released on May 5th via Swedish imprint Emotion, Florida-based glistening pop duo Priest’s self-titled LP will be the dreamiest thing you’ll hear all spring. Comprised of vocalist Madeline Priest and producer David Kazyk, the synth-pop practitioners have been making waves in the underground pop world with their dreamy, throwback electronica. Smooth, shimmering synths and immersive, sugary sweet, floating vocals pay homage to classic 80s anthems, while creating something undeniably fresh and intriguing. <more>






King Daniel is a folk troubadour from Los Angeles. His tribute to the UFC’s Conor McGregor earned him the attention of UFC on FOX, Fightland ViceThe 24, and other mainstream blogs.  Be on the lookout for King Daniel’s debut album in 2016.   <more>









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Singer-songwriter Vinnie Ferra creates haunting, minimalist folk music that remains rooted in the past but also keeps its vision steadfastly ahead. Traditionalism and experimentation share equal space on his new album arc en ciel

Defying expectations, Vinnie possesses  a unique, expressive baritone that lifts and sails on the rich landscape that is built upon the kind of foot-stomping, cathartic anthems that have turned artists like Of Monsters & Men into indie superstars. <more>






Called “the future of music” (New York Music Daily), Bombay Rickey is a five-piece band from Ditmas Park, Brooklyn that defies easy categorization. With a unique sound evocative of ‘60s movie soundscapes, the band plays both covers and original music that borrow equally from the worlds of surf rock, cumbia, spaghetti-Western, and Bollywood, balanced out with a little coloratura soprano.

Though only in existence for a couple of years, Bombay Rickey has already become a fixture at the world famous Brooklyn club Barbés, performed live on WFMU radio, and has had an original song featured in a television commercial for Citibank <more>







Toronto-based multi-instrumentalist artist/producer Patrick Fiore aka Noble Oak has been flying under the radar these past few years pumping out beautifully emotive songscapes described as ‘endless drift’ or ‘space pop’.  His music evokes imagery of being lost in beautiful new worlds, yet often with undercurrents of yearning and solitude.

“Walk On Me is a tantalising mix of wandering synths and haunting, distant vocals built around a hypnotising bed of glittering melodies. Layering up production to perfectly build an enchanting and otherworldly soundscape.”  –  lovepie <more>






Christine Hoberg is an American singer, songwriter, and producer based out of Brooklyn, NY and raised in Superior, Wisconsin.  She is most well-known for her writing and vocals on the song, ‘Clair de Lune‘, with Australian producer duo Flight Facilities.  ‘Clair de Lune’, released by Glassnote Records, is Platinum certified in Australia and took number 17 on Australia’s Triple J Hottest 100 charts.

Be on the lookout for the forthcoming feature film thriller Ratter starring Ashley Benson which will feature Christine’s “All That Hate (Danecdote Remix)” as the end titles song. <more>





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Fusilier describes his forthcoming debut solo-EP Duty as a mix between Nine Inch Nails and James Brown, a combination that summarizes his identity as a both consumer and producer of music. The EP plays like a gradual upswing away from the ’90s rock of Fusilier’s childhood toward the hip-hop and electronica that have come to define a generation. The inspiring Fela Kuti serves as a heavy influence in Fusilier‘s use of layered percussion and call-and-response vocals, but also in his ambition to play the role of artist, provocateur, and commentator. <more>






Steve “Silk” Hurley, legendary house music and remix pioneer, artist, producer, songwriter, and DJ, has produced and/or written over 200 records, with at least 50 of them reaching the Billboard® Dance Charts, and dozens reaching the R&B and Pop Charts.  Silk lays claim to countless Platinum, Gold, and Silver records, his productions having sold so far in the millions that it is now difficult to count them.  He is a 4-Time GRAMMY®-nominated producer, and a progenitor of Chicago “House Music”, becoming one of the first to branch out from that genre and encompass pop and hip-hop within the house framework.   <more>







“…a wiry psych-pop fever dream that delivers watery guitar lines, chiming xylophones, and appropriately zonked-out vocals from lead singer Fredrik Eckhoff. Halasan Bazar move beyond mere homage territory by vividly evoking the fuzzed-out bliss of a hallucinogenic-induced stupor, rather than dwelling on a chord-for-chord imitation of their influences.” -Pitchfork  <more>









A brand new electro-pop duo consisting of Daniel Fornasa (King Daniel, D&M) and French producer Brandon Bost (Electric Lady Studios, Wild Rompit). The two met in Philly while Fornasa was recording his first EP as lead singer & songwriter for the indie rock/blues band D&M, when Bost, an IMA nominated producer, mixer, & engineer, was brought on to the project. Immediately bonding over a mutual passion for pop music, they decided to join forces in Brooklyn, setting out to create sparkly “arena-ready” synth-pop, and BENZ was born. <more>










Jay Kill & The Hustle Standard‘s latest album, Becoming Animal can only be described as a “high-octane mix of blue-collar badassery.”  The duo, made up of Plymouth music legend, Jake Hill, and new school NYC producer, Charley Hustle, cross-breed electronic & hard rock styles building a soundscape full of sonic energy and fervor. Coupled impactful and emotionally hard-hitting messages, the duo create motivational anthems that would inspire anyone achieve their goals no matter the obstacles.  <more>



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S&S Records, Inc. (and S&S Chicago, Inc.) was established in 2005 by 4-time GRAMMY® nominated producer Steve “Silk” Hurley and global DJ/Producer Shannon “DJ Skip” Syas. Merging Hurley’s worldwide commercial success and Syas’ strong global following, the dance label has become home to numerous house music legends. The label has released several compilation albums featuring original songs from a large roster of Chicago greats, including the recently released “The Chicago LP”, featuring an all-Chicago, all-Star cast of house music pioneers and Hip Hop stars. S&S records has accumulated a catalog of over 500 records and album projects from artists such as: Syleena Johnson, CeCe Peniston, Ann Nesby, DJ Skip, Paul Johnson, Kym Sims, Chantay Savage, J.M Silk, Jamie Principle & Steve “Silk” Hurley, just to name a few.   <more>




Hailing from the ‘concrete jungle where dreams are made’, producer/songwriter Charley Hustle has been hard at work churning out an impressive music portfolio while reinventing the industry. His signature-stylized production and inspired writing choices result in genre-defying records, garnering great attention and positive response in the music universe. With four EPs released since 2011: New Men Old Boys’, Drums and SassBattle Tested, and The Brave Abraham JudahThe Hustle Standard is fast becoming a label that prides itself on its new-found role, producing albums with diverse influences from indie-rock, electronic, dub-step, hip-hop, hardcore, alternative and pop. Hustle Standard releases have already found their way onto the Billboard and iTunes charts, and have secured prime-time licensing placements.      <more>





With MOJO magazine’s #1 Blues Album of 2008Fall Changes#2 Blues Album of 2011Imitate The Sun, and March 2014 Blues Record of the Month and #3 Blues Album of 2014Live at Jazz Standard, Chris Bergson has established himself as “one of the most inventive songwriters in modern blues music” [Richard Skelly, All Music Guide] , creating his own blend of blues, roots and soul.  “Gut-busting, horn-bedecked NY blues.“  “A powerful spirit with flavours of Ray Charles and Tom Waits.”  “…could strip down the engine of a soulbluesmobile and put it back together blindfold.”  “The ambience of Chris Bergson’s music is an Edward Hopper world of suspicion and solitude, dusk-time avenues and dimly lit bars…This is the terrain of Tom Waits and Lou Reed, and Bergson has something of each in his gruff, laconic delivery, but his sound is intransigently his own. “    <more>





Rising from the Brooklyn underground, Dynasty Electric’s explosive live shows and unique blend of electro pop and psychedelic punk rock has earned the group critical praise and attention from around the globe. Fronted by the powerful and seductive vocals (and theremin) of Jenny Electrik, Dynasty Electric’s retro-futuristic pop sound is crafted by multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer Seth Misterka, featuring his densely layered production and live instrumentation. Misterka brings a passion for experimental soundscapeselectronic psychedelia, and New Wave to the fore of his meticulous studio production and live instrumentation, coupled with Jenny Electrik’s beautifully haunting yet seductive vocals.    <more>



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Kayleigh Goldsworthy, a founding member of the Syracuse Indie Rock sextet The Scarlet Ending, has been playing music her entire life. For over a decade she has been touring with The Scarlet Ending, and upon her relocation to Brooklyn, NY, she decided to test the waters with some solo material. An avid songwriter, while writing material for herself she found a niche in the folk/country/pop genres and her debut album, Burrower (2013), was born. Described by Cory Branan as “Gillian Welch meets Loretta Lynn, Goldsworthy continues to prove the limits of her musical evolution are endless.     <more>




Apocalypse: The Second World War
 is a six-part documentary by Daniel Costelle and Isabelle Clark about the Second World War.  The riveting, orchestral score for the documentary was composed by famed Japanese music composer, Kenji Kawai, known for his scores for motion pictures, anime movies, video games, and televised programs.  It is a ‘spine-chilling soundscape’, at times memorable, beautiful, and haunting.  Melodies inspired by terror and fear, and all of the misery of the Second World War, are interspersed with themes giving homage to the smiles and faces of civilians and soldiers present in the powerful archival footage, who represent perseverance and hope in the midst of one of the “most violent and chaotic time periods in history.”    <more>


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